Sorgho Squad: An Agricultural Adventure Rooted in Reality

While many children’s book series rely on fantasy worlds and magical characters, the Sorgho Squad grounds its exciting narrative in real-world issues like climate change, food scarcity, and sustainability. Author Nate Blum’s expertise in the grain industry ensures accurate representation of agricultural science and innovation.

The series follows Professor Sorgho, his apprentice Alice, and an expanding team of experts like plant geneticist Mashilla. Together they travel the globe hunting for clues left behind by a legendary group of agricultural specialists known as the Sorgho Squad.

Beyond the mystery and adventure, these books showcase solutions like drought-resistant sorghum and biofortified crops. The characters apply their knowledge to overcome challenges and promote food security. Blum weaves an engaging story around the very real, very urgent mission of creating a sustainable future food system.

With relatable characters, thrilling plots, and vibrant illustrations, the Sorgho Squad books make agricultural science accessible and exciting for young readers. The series proves learning about subjects like plant genetics and climate resilience can be just as fun and entertaining as magic and fantasy.

“The Sorgho Squad” is an enthralling adventure that follows the exploits of Professor Sorgho, Alice, and Jowar as they embark on a quest to discover and revive the members of the ancient-grain supergroup. Having successfully found and awakened the first member in the Indus Valley, the trio sets out on a worldwide expedition to locate the next crucial addition to the Sorgho Squad—Mashilla.

In this action-packed tale, readers are taken on a captivating journey across different continents and cultures. From unearthing hidden clues to overcoming thrilling challenges, the Sorgho Squad faces danger at every turn. Along the way, they encounter fascinating characters, unravel ancient mysteries, and unearth the power of unity and resilience.

Authored by Nate Blum, an esteemed figure in the world of grain sorghum production and marketing, “Sorgho Squad” seamlessly blends adventure, education, and the magic of ancient grains. Blum’s expertise in the field brings authenticity and depth to the narrative, providing readers with a unique insight into the world of sorghum and its associated small grains.

ABOUT Sorghum:

Sorghum/sorgho/sorgo/jowar/milo/mashilla etc an important role to play in the future of agriculture. This belief is predicated upon the known benefits of these crops to human health, water conservation, carbon sequestration, soil rejuvenation, and wildlife habitat. As partners across the globe look to regenerative agricultural practices, they alone, as the leading advocates for our industry, bear responsibility for ensuring that sorghum and millets are included in the conversation in a clear, concise, and recognizable way.