UNIQUE gifts for cat parent from Outdoor Bengal

Outdoor Bengal started in 2020 when Albert Colominas started training and adventuring with his new cat Mia in to drain some of her energy and enrich her life. Albert got Mia after the loss of his dad, the breakup with his girlfriend and being in a new country, as he found himself dealing with loneliness. Their journey became quite popular, and their content has reached over 100M views.

They’ve helped thousands of cat parents through their YouTube Channel, Online Cat Training Classes, and our newly launched Escape-Proof Cat Harness.

Have a cat parent on your list?

The NEW The Click Crusade – Cat Training Card Game is the perfect gift for anyone with a cat. Take your kitty’s training to the next level with The Click Crusade Cat Training Card Game!


This game is bursting with tricks, tips, and fun activities to help you teach your feline friend proper behaviors, plus tools to help strengthen the bond between you two. With The Click Crusade, you’ll be leveling up your kitty’s training faster than you can say “meow”! A total of 42 cards and over 30 tricks to teach you all you need to take your bond and training to the next level.

This card training game is organized to take any cat parent from absolute beginner to expert.

The training program is divided in 3 parts and comes with:

  • Game Instructions
  • Cat Training Manual
  • Step-by-Step Cat Trick Instructions
  • A total of 42 cards and over 30 tricks to teach you all you need to take your bond and training to the next level:
    • 10 Cat Training Cards with Knowledge and Tips
    • 11 Beginner Cat Tricks
    • 10 Intermediate Cat Tricks
    • 10 Advanced Cat Tricks

The Clicker Training Starter Kit takes your cat training to the next level with the help of our training kit! All the tools and guidance you need to get started, and the tips, tricks and fun activities to help you teach your feline friend proper behaviors, cute tricks and strengthen the bond between you two in the process.

ALL-IN-ONE TRAINING ESSENTIALS: Our kit, a favorite among cat trainers, encompasses all you need for interactive training – Quiet Clicker, Target Stick Clicker, Treats Pouch, and an Easy-to-use Cat Clicker Training Guide. Perfect for beginners to pros.

FELINE-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our unique Quiet Clicker is crafted to captivate without startling. Achieve positive reinforcement in indoor training sessions, ensuring your cat remains comfortable and engaged.

VERSATILE CLICKER STICK: Seamlessly guide and teach your cat with our Target Stick Clicker. Compact yet robust, it’s your on-the-go solution for effective cat training.

ACCELERATED TRAINING: See your cat thrive when training with our expertly curated guide, offering step-by-step instructions, insights, and tips, catering to cats of all ages and skill levels.

STRENGTHEN YOUR BOND: Beyond just tools, this training kit offers a pathway to a transformed relationship with your cat. Revel in the joy of a well-behaved feline and an enhanced bond every day.

The Houdini™ Cat Harness and Leash is escape resistant, light and safe.

Houdini™, designed to be escape-proof cat harness and leash was invented by adventure cat people for cat people to be the best cat harness for walking cats. The harness, designed by Outdoor Bengal gives you gentle control of your cat or kitten while being very safe and (almost) escape-proof.

Unlike other cat harnesses, the escape-resistant system on the neck straps of this harness will gently provide a snug fit to reduce escaping risk when they try to walk backward. The harness will keep their neck safe thanks to the super-light chest mesh so that your cat can enjoy outdoor adventures.

The harness is adjustable thanks to its side straps which will comfortably provide a snug fit for small cats and kittens as well as adult and large cats.

The Outdoor Bengal harness has been designed exclusively for cats and it’s ideal for leash training your cat indoors as well as for advanced adventure cats that go hiking with their pawrents.