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    Fashion and Accessories: Work Edition

    Working environments often put us under pressure when it comes to combining the outfit for a busy day. That’s why every businessperson should have coziness and comfort in mind when choosing a perfect office outfit. Being careless when it comes to business attire can leave a bad impression. However, channeling an effortless vibe can help you kick off a great productive day and complete your tasks with ease.

    When it comes to adding the right jewelry and accessories to the office outfit, apart from the aesthetics, you should be practical above all. Also, the key to every business dress code is to dress appropriately and be respectful towards other colleagues and employees. Whether you work for a big corporation or a small local business, having a lunch with a colleague or meeting with the entire board, your style should convey an impeccable taste that speaks about your professionalism.

    Start off sharp

    If you’re leading or managing a team, it’s important to be sharp and elegant. Choosing a too tight outfit with zippers and buttons may not be the best choice for a work environment. Combining a stretchy pencil leather skirt with closed toe heels and comfy white blouse under navy blazer can set the desired tone. By adding the right jewelry, you will break the monotony and add a touch of elegance to your business look. A pair of discrete earrings, a bracelet and a ring will emphasize your feminine side. If your position in a company requires you to be responsible, tone down the bling in your accessories since only a demure outfit will send the right message to your business partners.

    Creative mess

    For a unique business style, choosing a sharp-cut skirt in unusual designs, bold colors and interesting materials to go with a cozy simple sweater is a great way to fuse a messy-looking style with a polished neat look. A simple hand bag and lower heels are a neutral base that allows you to be more playful in the accessories department. Choose one oversized piece of jewelry, i.e. a bracelet or chainlet, and combine it with a neutral nail polish and a pair of earrings, bolder eye makeup and simple nude lips. Alternatively, take the opposite direction – stick to minimalist jewelry design and go for bolder makeup or nail colors. Be creative with layers but be careful not to overdo it. Smartly choosing the accessories will complete your business look.

    Lunches and meetings

    Greeting and meeting people, having work-related discussions or important business meetings are the situations that mustn’t be dressed appropriately for the occasion. A laid-back outfit can easily be turned into a formal business-like appearance when accompanied with elegant jewelry. A rather simple style based on subtle color choices and clear-cut simple skirt, shirt and cardigan designs can be elevated with the right accessories. There are many different kinds of wrist watches that can be incorporated in endlessly creative ways to lift up even the simplest of outfits. Today, you can shop for a wide variety of watches online and find one that will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    Accessorizing is a very tricky part of putting an outfit together. When it comes to work, jewelry shouldn’t be in the spotlight, but rather complement your business style. If a woman works in a more traditional niche like politics, education or health, she should carefully analyze the choice of accessories her superiors and more experienced colleagues use. If you pick a few colors for the outfit, stick to simple yet elegant jewelry. Express your individuality with a classy approach to business attire.