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    Flutter away with The Butterfly Place

    Front side of the butterfly poster (the first one is the Blue Morpho I was trying to get a pic. of)

    It was a nice Saturday afternoon (before all the rain came down) to use a groupon that I had bought a while ago. It was for The Butterfly Place, an indoor garden in Westford, MA where you can see hundreds of butterflies.

    Aside from the butterflies there’s also a nice little koi pond and random quail birds that walk around. Before I walked into the butterfly room, there was also an exhibit to see eggs, cocoons, and caterpillars.

    I spent about an hour inside the atrium trying to look for certain butterflies since I purchased a poster to identify butterflies for $1. It was pretty awesome to take close up pictures but I didn’t have any luck of getting a butterfly to fly on me (I should have worn brighter colors!). I also didn’t have any luck of getting a picture that I wanted of a Blue Morpho butterfly. It was definitely still nice to check the place out though.

    Overall, this is a great place to see something different, to appreciate nature and its beauty, and to learn something new. Just watch where you step, as you don’t want to hurt a butterfly or a quail bird 😉 and definitely don’t forget your camera!