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    Vintage fashion (and more!) with @shopbellabag

    Cassandra Connors, founder of Bella Bag, gives a fashionista the opportunity to upgrade their current style with top vintage designer bags at more affordable prices. Connors has years of experience in genuine-only luxury goods, including brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc. At Bella Bag, you can buy, sell, and trade authentic luxury bags and accessories.

    Her online shop offers many pieces, and here is a focus on the vintage Chanel 2.55 original handbag:

    • Created in February of 1955
    • The bag takes its name from the year of its birth
    • It is commonly mistaken for the more modern Chanel Classic Flap bag
    • Features a worn classic quilt, double flap interior, the mademoiselle turn lock closure, and a classic chain strap
    • It is a rare and classic piece that can only be found in consignment shops like Bella Bag
    • Made from silk, lambskin, calfskin or fur, in a combination of colors
    • Based on the quilted coats worn by boys at the race track, as Coco Chanel’s designs were influenced by her love of horse racing.
    • Used a running stitch, quilting the bag in a diamond or herringbone pattern
    • The double chain is said to be based on Chanel’s experiences as a child, in an orphanage, where the caretakers would dangle keys from their waist
    • The classic flap bag features a CC turn lock closure, a single flap interior, crisper leather, and a chain strap interwoven with leather.

    You can trade in your old, gently worn handbags for a different, vintage designer style and will also be able to find rare and hard to find bags.

    Connors and The Bella Bag Team also have an authentication process. They believe that every woman’s perfect ensemble should include carrying an authentic accessory.

    CHANEL Double Flap Chevron Lion Clasp Rare Bag (via shopbellabag.com)

    To learn more about Bella Bag, visit http://shopbellabag.com.

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