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    Make sure to include Cincha Travel Belt in your next one

    It is never a bad time to plan for your next trip. Imagine a cute seat belt for your bag that will keep it secure and snug around your luggage and off of airport surfaces. Freeing your hands for the important things (like holding your coffee, checking flight status, and adjusting your mask).

    The Cincha Travel Belt is designed with a nylon strap and vegan leather accents, an elastic fitter to reduce extra slack, and a quick-release metal buckle to secure your personal bag to your luggage! Plus you can add your monogram, with 18 colors to choose from. Click it, cinch it, and off you go. The brand is dedicated to reuniting families and recognizes the persistent migrant crisis in our country by donating 100 airline miles per travel belt purchased to Miles4Migrants to help reconnect migrant families.

    Cincha Travel Belt

    • Matte black quick-release buckle
    • Vegan leather and elastic accents
    • 7.8 oz weight
    • Adjustable to 38″ to fit most bags including: totes, backpacks, purses, briefcases, diaper bags, messenger bags, and more
    • Elastic allows for an extra tight hold

    If we had to pick the most important feature of The Travel Belt it would be this elastic slip. It secures The Travel Belt around most trolley handles, helping to keep your bag in place and you on the move.

    These Travel Belt MADE WITH:


    A metal buckle that will keep your bag in place until you need it. And when you do, you can release it with one hand if you need your bag in a hurry.


    Vegan leather accents and herringbone patterned nylon. Stylish for you, safe for the animals.


    The perfect amount of give and take. An elastic fitter snatches up any extra slack, and keeps the belt tight, but not too tight.

    With these easily adjustable belt, you will be ready to bring almost any medium to large size bag along on your next adventure. Belt extends to 38″.

    Prefer something a little more subtle? Cincha can deboss your two letter monogram onto your belt — a simple way to personalize. HAND PAINTED MONOGRAMS – Choose up to three letters, from 18 incredible colors, to create the perfect, unique combo. Once you’ve picked, the local Bay Area artist will paint it on by hand. $15 for up to three letters for painted monograms and two letters for debossed.


    About Cincha

    Cincha Travel is a brand based in Oakland, California run by BIPOC couple, Ash and James. Designed with travelers in mind and from first-hand experience, Cincha’s Travel Belt secures your personal bag to your luggage solving an everyday (travel) problem. Along with helping simplify travel for everyone, their mission is to make traveling more accessible for those in need. And so, Cincha works with the nonprofit, Miles4Migrants, to donate 100 frequent flier airline miles per Travel Belt purchase to help reconnect migrant families.

    Cincha is a very small business. They design and ship right from their HQ (aka their apartment) in California. They are small enough to interact directly with their customers. They read every email and DM that comes in, because the customers have a direct line to us, they can give you the best possible experience.