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    Sustainable Products from the Coconut Coverings that are left out after being consumed, Get CocoBowlz®️ now!

    Surprise your loved one with a homemade, healthy breakfast on that romantic Day. Your loved one is sure to spark conversation when you present your plant-based foods in beautiful coconut bowls from CocoBowlz. The unique coconut shell bowls are made by hand-crafting a reclaimed coconut shell that might otherwise have gone to waste. A sustainable, plant-based alternative to artificially made kitchenware. Truly versatile and durable, these bowls are perfect for serving your favorite appetizers or snacks to your family and guests! The CocoBowlz collection is proudly Australian-owned and adds tropical flare to your tablescape.

    Natural Coconut Bowl

    This natural rough rustic CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowl is made by hand, crafting a reclaimed coconut shell that might otherwise have gone to waste.

    • Reusable and food safe
    • No artificial creations
    • No mass machine productions
    • No chemicals, no glues, or lacquers used
    • All 100% natural plant-based and organic product

    All CocoBowlz™ bowls and utensils are polished and finished with coconut oil.

    CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls are products of nature, produced from 100% real coconuts after their shells are declared “unusable” therefore are discarded as waste.


    The dimension and sizes of our CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls generally range between 12cm-14cm in diameter with a depth of 6cm, and an average hold of 600ml.

    Because this is a natural and handcrafted item, there will always be a slight discrepancy in size between each bowl.


    CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls are products of nature and produced from real coconuts, individually hand-crafted by craftsmen and women.


    CocoBowlz™ coconut bowls are available in two styles of finish:

    • “Natural” – Rough rustic looking outside with a smooth finished inner.
    • “Original” – Smooth polished looking outside with a smooth finished inner.

    Looking for gift ideas this Valentine’s Day? Sustainable and beautiful… Cocobowlz’ candles are made from repurposed excess coconut shells, saving them from piling into landfills. Cocobowlz’ new range is patterned, giving them a unique, bohemian look.

    Coconut Candles Fruit Infused Range

    Enjoy the warm ambient light and tropical scent of Cocobowlz’ fruit infused coconut candles that will quickly turn your home into a tranquil paradise.

    Featuring your choice of a natural coconut or two-tone coconut shell, hand poured coconut soy wax and a crackling wooden wick, these beautiful candles will sweep you away with their fruity, citrus & coconut aromas.

    All coconut candles are eco-friendly, burn clean, have a lasting burn time of up to 50 hours and are hand poured in small batches in Melbourne.

    🕯️  Your choice of 8 scents:

    • Coconut Lime
    • Coconut Mango
    • Coconut Strawberry
    • Coconut Pineapple
    • Coconut Kiwi
    • Coconut Cocktail
    • Coconut Banana
    • Toasted Coconut

    🔥  Burn time: 50 hours

    📏 Size (approx): D9-10cm

    📙 Care + safety tips

    Burn while reading, bathing, meditating or wining and dining.

    But never leave your candles unattended and always ensure you blow them out before bed.


    CocoBowlz™ makes it easy to choose your feel-good moments, so you can not just enjoy life, but have a life well-lived. Healthier? Kinder? More active? More thoughtful? Whichever quality moment you want to prioritise today, Cocobowlz™ is here to support your journey. CocoBowlz™ products are made from all-natural ingredients such as reclaimed coconut shells, coconut palm wood and bamboo. You won’t find any nasties in their sustainably-sourced, eco-friendly products.