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    blazing glory

    Janelle Monae- She does it so damn well, they should pay her 🙂

    I love blazers. There’s so much you can do with them; they come in all shapes, textures, colours and lengths, and the best part is you can wear them in ANY season… well at least I do.

    I have three black blazers and recently added a lovely turquoise one to the mix, now all I need is a pink, yellow, royal blue, red as well as white blazer and I’ll be good… Okay maybe an orange one as well…ooooh and purple too, then that’s IT.

    Some blazer inspiration 🙂

    Riri knows how to rock the ish out of a blazer! I love this one 🙂

    YES Lala!

    Toronto Moda’s Joanna looking cute in her blazer! (Hi Chenessa!)


    oh the possibilities!

    Blazers will save the day, even on an “I don’t feel like getting dressed up” night.

    (lbd + boyfriend blazer + cute accessories+ heels = easy)

    You could just wear it on it’s own if you want!

    “feels so good being bad”- Rihanna

    The boys like it too!

    I love me a good blazer! Do you?

    peace, love and health