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    Crazy Legs

    weird is good 🙂

    I love the period between fall and spring as it’s the best time to break out the crazy stockings/leggings. I’ve had everything from leopard print, zebra striped, rose petaled, to tights with a million faces on them. After taking a look at my tights, one girl said to me that she was nervous about wearing crazy stockings/leggings cause she was worried people would think she was/looked weird… I said, who cares… then again I like weird.

    i like it a lil crazy…

    It’s common knowledge that people have different tastes and ideas of  what is considered “style”. I say that  you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, makes you feel good… dress for you and nobody else. If you don’t have a couple pairs of crazy tights/leggings, you’re missing out on a world of fun. I’m just saying. So stop worrying and go out and get yourself a pair girrrrrl!

    I smell…D.I.Y

    The fun never stops!

    comic book tights… I’d rock em.

    Do you have a pair (s) of crazy tights/leggings? If not, are you now thinking of getting a pair? I knew you would 🙂
    peace, love and health