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    Blue Jays LOVE

    A few weeks ago, a yummy tanned man, walked into my work, and this is how the conversation went…

    Me: How come you’re so tan, and it’s not even summer yet? (At the time, Toronto wasn’t hot enough for him to be that tan)

    Him: It’s because I’m from Miami.

    Me: Oh, so what are you doing in Toronto?

    Him: I work at the rogers centre.

    Me: Okay, doing what?

    Him: Serving water

    Me: * wondering when water boys got so damn cute* Okay well have a good day.

    Him: *laughs* and leaves.

    Ricky Romero, Myself, and J.P Arencibia

    After he left, my co-worker runs up to me, and says, “Oh my G-d, do you know who that was?” The expression on my face was a clear indication that I had no idea what he was talking about. Long story short, it was Toronto Blue Jays catcher, J.P Arencibia. The next time he came into my work, I didn’t hesitate to call him out on his lie, and told him the only way he could make it up to me; was to take a picture with me 🙂

    Fun times.

    peace, love and health


    Did you know? As of June 4 2011, Arencibia leads all major league rookies with 9 home runs, which is already a Blue Jays club record, surpassing the previous record of five, shared by Pat Borders (1988) and Greg Myers (1990).