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    Bringing Big Bling to Small Summer Weddings with Valentino Beauty Pure Trendy Manicures

    The beauty world is focusing on how to get back to normal business with the biggest trend in the industry – nail art. ValentinoBeauty Pure is carving out a groundbreaking platform for nail technicians to succeed no matter what. This is especially true for manicurists who the company is helping grow financially during the summer bridal season.

    David DiLorenzo

    As women all across the country begin to head down the aisle this season, they have had to scale-down their ceremonies. Receptions have been cancelled and flower orders have been made in small bunches. Budgets currently focus on small details that make a big bang, such as the perfect manicure.

    Valentino Beauty Pure offers gorgeous nails for their special day, while at the same time giving men and women working in the industry incredible financial support. By giving brides what they want, they are empowering the workforce during the pandemic.

    With the three biggest en vogue designs in years – 3D Nail Art, Baby Boomer, and Gradient Colors – everyone is walking down the aisle this summer smiling. The company’s founder, David DiLorenzo, has successfully created a dedicated Instagram following of nearly 500,000 followers. These loyalists are manicurists who are making profit despite the odds of the current financial crisis.

    The brand’s products for years have been touted as the premiere line for use by nail aficionados including Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Cardi B and Paula Abdul. Now the business is carving out a massive operation that continues to hold dedicated customers while expanding into an educational platform.

    Valentino Beauty Pure has become the leading source for nail technicians looking to grow their personal businesses. David’s mission to have his company offer educational courses both online and in classrooms has shown individuals how to succeed in the beauty business. His efforts are truly changing lives. Women and men from across the country have become dedicated to taking his classes on how to start your own nail business no matter your background. People from a variety of circumstances are embracing his teachings wholeheartedly. From Miami to Texas and on to New York City, thousands of followers praise him for breaking race barriers and uplifting diversity standards in beauty business models. No longer is it about making minimum wage by giving a simple manicure. He is showing technicians how to master the art while making top income at the same time with his unique educational lessons.

    More than 400 brand ambassadors and 17 educators around the United States can testify to the greatness. For more information or to schedule an interview please reach out to Glo Creative.