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    5 ‘Picture Perfect’ Valentine’s Day Home Design Ideas told by Award-Winning Interior Designer, Debbie Travin

    They say, “cupid knows best,” but Debbie Travin knows better 😉. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Debbie shares some top tips for setting a picture-perfect romance from scratch – in your backyard!

    The ideas for Valentine’s day seem to be plain and repetitive – you could always take your date to a nice dinner and then a movie, or, perhaps you want to cook at home and rent a movie – but who wants to be ordinary?

    Enter Debbie, here to help you raise the bar with your Valentine’s Day date and come up with something completely different that will be romantic, memorable, and appreciated.

    Not sure where to start?

    1. FLORAL FANTASY: Leave a trail of rose petals on the way to your backyard fantasy. Add a beautiful bouquet of pink, red, and rose gold flowers on the table as a V-Day centerpiece
    2. FILL THE AIR WITH LOVE:  Nothing says romance like a traditional candlelit dinner. Indulge in scents such as vanilla, rose, or lavender to match the V-Day mood. Don’t be afraid of going over the top… Add lots of white and votive candles on the table and take it a step further by decorating your entire outside space!
    3. SPLURGE ON ROMANTIC TABLEWARE: A heavenly Valentine’s Day table setting is brought to us with silver and white fine China, stemware, wine glasses, and cloth napkins — be sure to add a hint of rose petals for the finishing touch!
    4. CREATE A LOUNGE-LIKE ATOMOSPHERE: Incorporate large white chairs with comfortable cushioning, while experiencing a real “Pinterest” like daydream
    5. CURATE A COZY DINNER FOR TWO: Now is the time to splurge on a high-end bubbly champagne for your significant other. Let’s face it, they deserve it! Pour some drinks and start your meal off with a heart-shaped charcuterie board followed by a creamy lobster risotto. End the dining experience in feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries accompanied by a light raspberry sorbet. It’s sure to leave your other half smitten!

    With decades of experience designing custom luxury homes for discerning clientele across the states, Debbie and her award-winning design team DLT Interiors,  curates fresh, stylish, and modern interiors mixed with classic elegance to create a timeless aesthetic.