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    Takashi Murakami

    Sup Cole World ;0),
    If you love Contemporary art just as much as i do then you will appreciate the work of this modern day genius. His name is Takashi Murakami and he does Japanese contemporary art as well as designs tangible pieces for a variety of entertainers worldwide and is a contributor designer for Louis Vuitton Doll line and be sure to check more of his masterpeices out. Enjoy :0)
    My personal favorite piece
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    Why I love @SPRAYGROUND

    “We’ve Got Your Back”

    NYC designer DBD founded the company Sprayground. At first it was a backpack company for street artists to carry spray cans in. Now many of the backpacks have expressive designs and can be used for many things. It has been voted bag company of the year by MTV and XXL Mag.

    Classes are either starting or will start soon so it’s not too late to buy yours! They have stores in NY, California, Massachusetts, NJ, Minnesota, and in other countries like Japan, Italy, Australia, and more. It’s not anywhere near you? You can buy it online! The store listings are located on their website.

    Some very cool designs they have are the popular sticker “Hello My Name Is”, Pipe Dream, and Money Stacks. There are many more to check out!

    The company also has a limited edition bag, “Graffiti Utility Backpack”, a second-generation “Black Ops” Version 3. It can hold 22 spray cans! If you don’t have any use for spray cans, you can also use this bag to travel, hold equipment, gear, etc.

    Follow Sprayground on Twitter and ‘Like’ them on Facebook. Check out their YouTube video “Talking Baby”, and others for more of their work! 🙂