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    Inspired by @SeptembreA

    How does she do this!!?

    Septembre always has the prettiest and coolest nail designs, and I think I love them even more because she does them herself. I suck at painting my finger nails (9 times out of ten it just turns out to be a damn mess) so I’m pretty much blown away and extremely envious every time I see Septembre with a new design… *sigh*

    I recently decided to “give life” to my nails, and although my designs aren’t nearly as exciting as Septembre’s, I think I’m off to a good start; especially because this time the nail polish was on my finger nails, instead of all over my fingers and hands, the floor, the couch etc.

    I’m hoping to start doing more exciting designs as time goes by, but for now this will do.

    Visit Septembre’s blog to see more of her awesome nail designs!

    peace and love