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    DoAT is a new iPhone app that promises to deliver a different kind of search experience.  The app lets you personalize your search, allowing you to find content the way you want to find it.


    I downloaded the app to check it out…and I’d like to call it a 3D search experience.  Instead of turning up a list of search results, it gives you a list of categories, allowing you to select the direction you want to go.

    For example, in my search of “Hurricane Irene” I could choose to see results in social media, reference, weather, etc.  So, if I wanted to see the latest buzz on the impending storm I would select “social.”  Then I can swipe through search results from various social media mobile apps: Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare and so on.  And there’s no need to actually download any of the apps.

    This app definitely makes is easier to customize your results and get exactly what you’re looking for.  The “swipe” interface is unique, practical, and fun to work with.  Also, there’s a sense of discovery as you are introduced to sites you may not have used before.

    Tip: Get the app at the App Store while it’s still free!

    For more information about DoAT, visit: www.doat.com.


    kisses, Olisa