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    Slay your look, not the planet with Ecoslay

    Hair is a part of you. It’s natural, embrace it! Give your hair the love it needs to stay hydrated and healthy this winter! Made from natural ingredients, Ecoslay’s hair care products are just what you need to give your hair the boost and nutrients it needs to maintain it’s natural beauty. Pick from their Matcha Boost to strengthen brittle, dehydrated hair and Banana Cream to deep condition and add hydration during the cold, winter months. All products are handmade in Atlanta, GA, and come in NEW sustainable, reusable packaging.

    Making plans for the winter vacation? Don’t forget to take your Ecoslay Travel Set along!

    This Travel Set comes with:

    • Orange Marmalade Flax Seed and Aloe Curl Definer
    • Banana Cream Deep Conditioner
    • Moonshine Hair and Body Oil
    • Peppermint Schnapps Hair Wash
    • Muslin Drawstring bag

    Slay on the go with the Ecoslay Travel set!

    The Ecoslay Travel set is the perfect way to take your favorite Ecoslay goodies along for the ride! Also, it’s a great way to try out products before purchasing full size bottles.

    Slather Mindfully – Ecoslay Ingredient Philosophy

    At Ecoslay,they practice a natural-first philosophy when it comes to ingredients. What that means is, when formulating a new product, they first look for natural ingredients that will get the job done. More than likely, okra, marshmallow root and slippery elm will fit the detangling bill better than synthetics! Sometimes, a completely natural ingredient just can’t get the job done – in these cases, Ecoslay then take a look at plant-based ingredients. These ingredients were formulated from natural and might be boosted by synthetics. In rare cases, even those ingredients don’t get them where they need to be. A great example of this lies in some of the preservatives that they use. Some are purely synthetic – these are sometimes necessary to keep their plant-based formulas intact and safe. But don’t you worry! When Ecoslay do choose to use plant-based or fully-synthetic ingredients, they do the homework to double-check the efficacy and safety of these materials so that the beauty of their natural ingredients always shine through.

    Ecoslay will deliver homemade-to-order, plant-based products to your doorstep that are freshly cooked in their kitchen with kindness. Ecoslay hopes that you can feel the love that they pour into each sustainable pouch and that your hair falls in love with their concoctions.