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    Event LOVE: 3rd Edition Bimod 228 Fashion Show

    On Saturday night, myself and around 3,000 other people gathered in the garden of Hotel Mercure-Sarakawa (Lome, Togo), for the 3rd Edition of the Bimod 228 Fashion Show. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I knew that Vlisco was a sponsor, and would also be showing their latest pieces, I HAD TO GO.

    It was soooo hot and soooo humid but I was too excited about the show to even care that we were about to watch 9 designers show their collections outside where the mosquitos were going to town on my legs and arms, despite dousing myself with inspect repellant before going to the show… but I digress.

    Like I was saying I was very excited that Vlisco would be showing their newest collection, but surprisingly enough, it wasn’t even Vilisco’s collection that blew me away; instead, I was super, SUPER impressed by the collections of the other 9 African designers.

    Here are a some of my favourite pieces!

    The designers: Cesar Vodis, Christelle Mensah- Da Silveira, Akoko Folibey-Sebio, Francoise Adjanke, Boris Wellington, Sessi Edi, Elloi Sessou, Nadir Tati and Ibronke Oluwaseyi Asepo.

    Congratulations to all the designers on a job well done, and to Blandine Sambiani-Bagnah for putting on an excellent show, and especially for supporting local African designers 🙂

    peace and love