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    The Perfect Sustainable Straws for Your Year-Begin Celebrations

    Start the new year with sustainable straws for your favorite healthy beverages. Designed by harnessing the raw power of mother nature, EQUO’s reusable straws are a great ecological alternative to reduce single-use plastic consumption. Made from natural ingredients, such as coconut and sugarcane, they’ll never get soggy and last an infinite amount of time in liquids.

    EQUO Limited Edition Coconut and Sugarcane Drinking Straws,
    Biodegradable and Plastic-Free,
    Combo Pack of 100, Standard

    These eco-friendly, natural straws are made from fermented coconut water and sugarcane fiber. Both the coconut and sugarcane straws are tasteless, allowing you to enjoy a biodegradable straw without changing the flavor of your beverage. The sugarcane straws have a light, sweet aroma that is pleasant to smell.


    As a popular ingredient in Vietnam, coconut water is often used for drinking or for cooking. But at EQUO, they take advantage of this abundant and natural ingredient by fermenting it and putting it into production that goes through multiple heat and steaming stages to dry, harden and shape to produce our wonderful Coconut Straw.

    Made from locally sourced, natural materials (just like all EQUO other straw family members), the Coconut Straw is the newest innovation that adds a tropical twist on an everyday product. They have a cool texture that remind you of that once upon a time when you were relaxing in a tropical paradise. Unlike paper straws, the coconut straws are sturdy and maintain their shape for a few hours without getting soggy or disintegrating in to little bits in your beverage.


    The sugarcane plant, abundant in the lands of Taiwan, is a familiar raw material used often to make sugarcane juice, molasses, sugar and other sweet products. EQUO uses the leftover fibrous stalk after the plant’s juices are extracted to make the durable Sugarcane Straw. Take a quick whiff of the straw and you’ll get a hint of a light brown sugar aroma – without the extra sugary calories.

    EQUO sugarcane straws are a great alternative to reduce single-use plastic consumption and ocean pollution. They have a very similar texture and flexibility to a plastic straw while being 100% natural. The most durable straw will never get soggy and can be used multiple times in the same day.

    Grass Drinking Straws
    100% Plastic-free, Biodegradable and Compostable

    Harvested from nature and crafted with care, EQUO grass straws are an evergreen replacement to artificial plastic straws and poorly made alternatives. Made using sedge grass that is handpicked, washed, dried, and cut to size, this straw features a cool green color and a refreshing tea aroma that will turn your favorite drinks into little cups of joy that you’ll love sipping along. The naturally durable material is resistant to high temperatures, retains its shape even after multiple uses, and also lets you fidget while enjoying your drink—all in all, it’s a delight to drink out of.

    Available in 3 different sizes, this green and gorgeous straw will be your go-to for enjoying everything from ice teas to mojitos.


    Introducing the EQUO Grass straw! These straws are made from dried grass, AKA a gift from mother nature. They give off a “just rained in nature” aroma, and you can crunch them between your fingers after you finish your drink. Perfect for the fidgeter in your life!

    Coconut Drinking Straws
    100% Plastic-free, Biodegradable and Compostable

    A tropical treat to sip your favourite juices, smoothies, and freshly brewed coffees, EQUO Coconut Straws will have you ditching plastic straws and switching to something eco-safe and planet-friendly. These straws make do with all the things you hate about standard recyclable straws—the sogginess, inability to reuse, and lack of heat resistance—to give you a sustainable alternative that lasts and works just as good as plastic straws.

    Made using fermented coconut water, these biodegradable straws go through multiple heat and steaming stages to dry, harden and shape for use. They contain absolutely no chemicals or toxic materials.


    Made from locally sourced, natural materials (just like all EQUO other straw family members), the Coconut Straw is the newest innovation that adds a tropical twist on an everyday product. Natural materials mean these straws will naturally decompose with no harm to the environment.

    Rice Drinking Straws
    100% Plastic-free, Biodegradable and Compostable

    Let’s kick the plastic habit to the curb with a little help from these rice straws. Made using rice and tapioca starch, these straws are incredibly resilient, versatile, and nifty. Great for single uses, these straws are colored using natural vegetable and fruit juices to give you the stylish aesthetics of plastic straws without putting a strain on the planet. EQUO rice straws also make for great composts, giving back to the planet long after you’re done enjoying that last sip.


    The Rice Straws don’t have an aroma and are edible. You can wash and cook them down into congee, porridge, or another rice-based recipe

    When mentioning the value of a straw, many people think about the tangible value – the cost of that product. EQUO tends to compare the selling price of green cutlery products with single-use plastic cutlery products, and sometimes choose plastic products because we assume “It’s just a straw.”

    Did you know that a plastic straw made in 1888 is still on the Earth today and will continue to exist for at least the next 200 years. Of the total amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment each year, only about 9% of it is recycled, the rest will be discharged directly into the ocean or treated by incineration or landfill.

    Either way, this amount of plastic waste leaves unpredictable consequences for the natural environment and human health. Therefore, the price we pay for plastic straws may be a bargain today, but will amount in unmeasurable impacts through pollution in the future.

    EQUO’s green solutions won’t last for years after you use them – they decompose in a few months. Change the habit of using plastic straws with EQUO today!