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    @AYIDating Shares Eyebrow-Raising Data–Check It!

    Are you ready for some insight into the wonderful world of dating? Cuz we’ve got the stats!

    AYI.com (Are You Interested) is a fantastic way to meet people on Facebook that you might not otherwise get to interact with. What it does is connect you with singles who share the same interests (and friends!) as you. But with a recently launched filtering feature, users can now define the parameters and browse folks by ethnicity, body type, height and more.

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    Here’s what the app looks like:


    and here:


    AYI.com has more than 70 million users and offers a completely integrated Facebook, iPhone and Android app, as well as a trusty website for at-home browsing.

    Now for the stats! AYI.com analyzed over 2.4 million interactions among its current user base in the U.S. and found that:

    •  Asian woman had the highest success rate with online dating because they appealed to, and were also the preferred ethnicity for all men (except Asian men who preferred Latina women)
    •  Asian women preferred men of a different race
    • Men of black/African descent were the least likely to get a response (except from women of black/African descent, who are 3x more likely to reply than a non-black woman)
    • Women of black/African descent were the least likely to get a response from all men
    • Asian, Latina and white women preferred white men over other races while women of black/African descent preferred all over races over white men
    • Men of black/African descent and white men are more likely to respond to women of different races
    • White women are 2.4x more likely to respond to white men than men of black/African descent


    Eye-opening stuff, right? Maybe not? Let us know your thoughts!

    Check out AYI’s blog to see more and then go ahead and sign up for the app–who knows, love might be waiting for you just around the Facebook corner!