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    Dress up for Dinner: Putting Together a Classy Outfit

    Whether you’re heading out to eat at a fancy restaurant or going to a friend’s house for a dinner party, you want to put together an outfit that’s just as fancy as the food you’ll be eating. Getting dressed up for dinner is one of my favorite occasions because I feel both old-fashioned and modern as I put together an outfit that shows off my unique style without being too outrageous. Here are the steps I follow when I need to get dressed up for a fancy dinner.

    Start With a Classic Dress

    I have several fancy dresses that are blank slates for the rest of my outfit. I spent forever shopping for these, but I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I have a little black dress, a lighter floral dress for spring and summer, and a longer, more conservative dress for those times when I’ll be around my grandparents. Choose styles that flatter your body shape and get a few dresses to have on hand for any occasion.

    Dress Up–Literally–with Heels

    You definitely need to wear heels for a fancy dinner, and you should have a classic black pair as your default. If your dinner isn’t quite as formal, consider a brightly colored pair that will really pop, and then tie the shoes in with some of your accessories. Strappy heels are fine for summer, but opt for closed toes in cooler weather.

    Add Fashionable Accessories

    This is where you can shine as you show off your style a little more. A super formal dinner calls for classics like a pearl necklace, simple rings, and perhaps a pair of shimmering dangly earrings. If your dinner is less formal, let your style shine through with accessories you love. Tasteful, inexpensive accessories are the perfect way to add new life to a dress you’ve had for a while. Don’t forget about less conventional items, like a fun belt, to make your outfit more interesting.

    Don’t Forget Hair and Makeup

    There have been times when I’ve thought so much about my outfit that I completely forget about my hair and makeup until it was almost time to go. Don’t make that rookie mistake, and plan ahead. Curls are always classy for a dinner out, but if you don’t have time for that, rely on a simple updo that works well with your hair. For makeup, play it safe with classic colors that make you look made up, but don’t draw attention away from your natural features.

    I love getting dressed up for dinner, and I take advantage of it every time I have the chance. If you’re going out with friends, you can even invite them over to get dressed up together, which is always fun. They may even be able to show you a new way to do your hair or makeup or lend you a pair of shoes that goes perfectly with your outfit.