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    3 Simple Ways to Remove Dead Leaves from Your Lawn

    The fact is that not everyone considers dead leaves as a free gift from nature to decorate their lawn in the garden. How to remove that nuisance from the garden is cared more.

    This will depend on your yard’s size and how many trees are grown on that land. If dead leaves cover your lawn, grass can’t reach sunlight and air causing turf disease. Even our problem may be worse when it’s rainy or snowy. Thus, in this post, I will let you know the best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn:

    Best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn – 3 choices:

    Mulch dead leaves:


    A lawn mower will help you mulch dead leaves until they have the size of dimes to nicely blend with the turf and become the perfect free fertilizer for your lawn. But, you ought to invest in the best vacuum mulcher if there is a long-term mulching plan.

    Just make sure that the amount of mulched leaves isn’t so excessive that grass is suffocated. In case there are too many dead leaves, you can apply a part of the mulched mixture for flower beds, or there is no need to mulch them all (you can use 2 other ways for leaf residue). Typically, you don’t have to chop leaves finely, but oak leaves as they are quite hard which are difficult to break down

    Don’t be worried about mulched brown leaves can ruin your spotless year-round lawn. Over time, these will disappear within range of vision by filtering through the grass. Moreover, the advantage of this action, if you do in fall, is that you will own a luscious lawn without crabgrass and dandelions in spring and summer.

    Rake dead leaves:


    The best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn is the hand raking since it’s environment-friendly. What’s more, this option is also an exercise activity to keep your body healthy. However, there are some notes you need to know before anything else. First of all, you had better rake in a no wind day or towards the same direction with the wind blowing. Next, rake when it’s dry because wet leaves are always heavier than dry ones which take more effort on your end.

    Although raking dead leaves helps you maintain a neat and healthy lawn, they can cause some environmental issues if you don’t throw bags of leaves in the landfill. The problem happens when you rake them into streets. After that, city workers will sweep them into gutters where lead to waterways and streams. At these places, dead leaves will release phosphorus and nitrogen into water that speeds up the development of algae. Finally, excessive growth of algae results in killing lives of fishes and other aquatic due to the depletion of oxygen in the water.

    Compost dead leaves:


    There are several composting ways. One of them is the compost bin. What you need to do is to mix leaves with grass clippings and layer with twigs and plant-based food. However, keep in mind 2 following rules to compost dead leaves successfully:

    Add nitrogen to your piles of dead leaves to break down quickly. I highly recommend you use the mixture of 5 parts of leaf piles and a part of manure from your vegetarian animals like bunny poop (the best nitrogen supplement). Other choices for nitrogen include granite, bone meal, cottonseed meal, and dried blood. How nitrogen works in the piles of leaves to compost is that it heats up and provides enough food for bacteria.

    To simplify the long-term composting process, you should grind or shred your pile of leaves to control and handle quickly.

    The bottom line:

    Removing dead leaves is an essential and easy task to keep your lawn healthy and neat. A gardening blog may give you more useful advice to perform this work as well as possible. However, you just need to follow what I mentioned below_ best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn you can enjoy a cup of tea and dawn on the beautiful lawn.

    Can my ways help you solve the problem? How is your result? Please let me know what you are thinking about my post in the comment section below and share with your loved ones if you feel this is an informative post.