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    Smart Guide for Getting a Tattoo

    So, after a lot of thinking, you have finally made your decision: you are going to get a tattoo. For some people, getting a tattoo is a part of an irresponsible adventure, while for some others, it marks a really important moment in their life. A tattoo could be a memory of your loved one, an important life quote, or just a beautiful piece of art. And of course, since getting inked is not the same as cutting hair – there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. In this article we’re going to try to answer most of them and help you make your decision.

    Is it safe?

    If you choose the right tattoo studio, it is perfectly safe. Despite what many people think, tattooing is no riskier than any other cosmetic treatment. And just as there are bad plastic surgeons, there are also bad tattoo artists, so be careful while picking.

    Does it hurt?

    The most common question of all, and the answer is – yes. However, the pain is relative. There are actually four pain factors.

    The first factor is your mind – people tend to expect a lot of pain, so they unconsciously create a tension in their entire body which can increase the pain.

    The second factor is the motivational one – if you are nervous, no matter the reason, your pain will increase; if you are completely confident and excited– there is a chance it won’t hurt at all.

    The third factor is your artist himself – his roughness, overall experience and skill. Since the ink goes into the second layer of your skin, which is far from blood vessels, you shouldn’t bleed at all.   

    The last factor is the place of your tattoo. For women, the most painful areas are ankles, spine and ribcage, while the least painful are abdomen, buttocks, thighs and shoulders. For men, the most painful areas are abdomen, spine and chest while the least painful are buttocks, arms and back.

    How much does it cost?

    This depends on the size, place, colors, complexity, the popularity of the artist etc. However, trust me – this is neither the time nor the occasion to be cheap. And yes, there is never a definite 100% correlation between the price and quality, but when it comes to artwork, these usually match up. If the price is too good to be true, then the quality is probably below any standard – and you don’t want that.

    What are the different tattoo styles?

    Here are 10 of the most popular tattoo styles.

    1. Traditional – the oldest form of tattooing (after tribal) with solid black outlines and limited color palette done with impeccable precision. They usually include roses, hearts, skulls etc.
    2. Realism – as the word says, a tattoo that looks very realistic, like a photograph on your skin.
    3. Watercolor – they mimic an experimental artistic process of using splashes of color to make it appear as if painted on canvas.
    4. Tribal – the oldest style which is almost always in black, and often uses symmetry and geometrical designs.
    5. New school – cartoon-like designs with bright colors and exaggerated features.
    6. Neo traditional – just like the traditional ones but more detailed, more dimensional and more colorful.
    7. Japanese – these detailed designs are meant for larger body areas such as back or arms.
    8. Dotwork – instead of shadowing or using block color, these designs use lots of tiny dots.
    9. Geometric – these designs use symmetry and repetition to create 3D effects and larger designs.
    10. Script – if you want a unique tattoo, opt for a swirly and gothic-like font.

    What things should I pay attention to when picking a tattoo artist and a tattoo studio?

    Make sure you do a thorough investigation. Check your artist’s previous work, ask around if his clients are pleased, and check his hygienic practice (does he wear gloves, are his inks in disposable caps, is he using sterile needles etc.). Also, check if he’s been trained in other areas besides tattooing (cleanliness, hygiene, sterilization, first aid etc.).

    What if I ever regret it?

    We can “thank” Yakuzas for causing a tattoo taboo, so now almost everyone with a tattoo is associated with criminal activities, gangs, prison life etc. But, the good news is that this negative connotation is slowly fading thanks to the celebrities and athletes who have embraced tattoos. Nevertheless, you should still never rush into getting one, as you might regret it one day.

    Luckily for us, tattoo removal techniques have really improved over the last few years, so you can now remove your tattoo with minimal consequences. If you are from Australia and considering this option, there is a great tattoo removal studio in Parramatta you should definitely check out.

    Tattoos and tanning?

    During the first 28 days, limit the sun exposure to a minimum. Sun can heat up the ink which will then move. This will make your body treat it as a foreign object and attempt to get rid of it. In the end, your tattoo is going to look faded because it will be half-absorbed.

    That would be it. Have you made your decision?