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    Happy Summer with Halo Hand

    A happy summer is full of beautiful colors, no matter the colorful outfits, or the beautiful makeups. But there is one thing very important, let’s not forget it. It is our nails! Yes, I believe stylish you never ignore what we can do about our nails. I want to introduce Halo Hand to you! Halo Hand polishes are “10-free” meaning these nontoxic formulas eliminate the 10 most common chemicals found in traditional nail care products. Additionally, their vegan and cruelty-free line brings you the “whole kit & caboodle” right to your fingertips. Aside from healthy, beautiful nails in your favorite shade, Halo Hand is bringing you your manicurist in a…

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    How To Create A Luxury Pedicure At-Home

    Even though nail salons are still not open for everyone, our feet still need some love. I wanted to introduce Halo Hand that will help you create a luxurious, yet affordable pedicure experience from home. Halo polish was made with you in mind — from how you shop, to what you wear. As working women on the go, we wanted polished nails to help us feel polished, but struggled to find long lasting, go-to shades that wouldn’t break the bank. Halo started by offering women a better in-salon experience, but the more manis we gave, the more we learned the dark secrets of the nail world. Polishes filled with cheap, harmful chemicals…

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