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    Halo Mane hydration bundle is nothing to play with! Your hair will thank you for this

    It’s time to prevent damaged hair and ditch your chemical treatment products and make a new part of your hair regimen. From styling products to leave-in conditioning treatments, your natural hair will be visibly healthier and protected from potential heat damage.

    Halo Mane can help provide much-needed hydration to your curly hair to promote hair growth and increased protection. Our line of Ayvurderic natural hair care line are designed specifically for your low porosity hair type. At Halo Mane, they do not use any harsh chemicals or artificial additives to provide your low porosity hair with the best products possible. Each ingredient in the low porosity hair care products is delicately picked to help increase your hair’s ability to retain moisture. From leave-in conditioners to moisturizing hair milk, your natural hair will be happy with its new shine and decreased frizz!

    Halo Hydration bundle is packed with Halo Mane most moisturizing products.

    Bundle Includes:
    •8oz Power Greens Leave In Conditioner
    •8oz Power Greens Shampoo
    •8oz Super Greens Hair Mask

    Power Greens Shampoo

    Halo Mane Herbal-Infused Power Greens shampoo Is Power-Packed With Herbs, Extracts And Fruit Oils. It is perfect for dry, damaged, breaking hair. Leaves Your Hair Clean, Nourished, Moisturized And Puts Your Scalp In Prime Condition For Accelerated Growth. The Tingle Means It’s Working, Gentle Enough To Use Everyday!

    Power Greens Leave In Conditioner

    Halo Mane power greens leave in conditioner is perfect if you’re dealing with dry or brittle hair and are always picking hairs off your clothes. You can say goodbye to all that with our strengthening spray and, best of all, it’s easy to use! No need to wait around like for a mask or conditioner (though we highly recommend using those as well!), with our power greens leave in conditioner, you simply spray it over clean hair and already, your hair begins to absorb moisture and all those healthy nutrients.

    With a specially designed formula that contains Shea Butter (wonderful hair softener), Aloe Vera (helps retain moisture), Keratin Protein (protects your hair from external damage, thus limiting breakage) and argan Oil (encourages hair growth and acts as a powerful moisturizer), our strengthening Spray both protects and nurtures your hair strands.

    Super Greens Hair Mask

    This super greens hair mask is a Herbal-Infused Conditioner that is Power-Packed With different herbs, extracts and fruit oils. It was created to hydrate and restore lifeless, damaged hair. Halo Mane has jam packed it with herbs, and each herb plays a role in getting your mane on the road to revival. This is perfect for ALL hair types. Dry and frizzy hair, medium to coarse hair, both men and women! Chemically treated, transitioning, and natural hair. It will leave your scalp feeling deeply moisturized and conditioned. Perfect for dry, breaking, damaged hair!

    Halo Mane is a Black woman-owned Ayurvedic hair care line designed to give locks healthy nutrients with natural herbs and ingredients. Founder Rae Knight is vegan and ensures all products are plant and herb-based, crafting the items herself. Ayurveda focuses on a natural way of living and maintaining healthy hair is a vital part of that. Natural herbs have the power to amplify beauty internally and externally. Halo Mane provides much-needed hydration for curly hair to promote hair growth and increase protection. The line is designed specifically for low porosity hair.