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    Break, Beats & Vogue!!

    “The stage is set. The lights are bright. The curtain is drawn. The music plays. What is revealed is shocking, but way too fab to ignore!… It’s high fashion, it’s urban, it’s their introduction: Fashion Meets Vogue”

    It’s this Friday AND Saturday at Harbourfront, at 9:00pm!!

    A lil info:

    So a group of voguers took over the runway and turned it into their stage. Instead of boring models just walking and giving the usual fish poses at the end of the run way; they have females and males in couture inspired outfits, “selling” the garment as only they can and creating a ball-type feel as though competing for: best runway walk, facial performance, best true use of garment etc”
    They draw their inspiration from the top designers in the business and make them their own.

    I know you guys wanna be there!



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