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    Bring Puffin Drinkwear with You for The Next Adventure

    Puffin’s drink wear is on a mission to bring fun and celebrate good by creating fabulous drinkwear to keep your beverages cold. Our tagline of Fun Together is no accident. Puffin work 20 percent better than a standard koozie.

    Puffin’s drinkwear items retail for $12.95 and up and sold online at Puffin Drink Wear and in over 2,000 retail locations in the US and Canada including every R.E.I store. Puffin is the perfect gift for stocking stuffers, hikers, bikers, skiers, fishers, boaters, park goers, back yard bbq’s, you name it!

    Beverage Jacket

    Regular price $12.95

    Intended for cans but still loves bottles, the beverage jacket gives you a few more options for securing your drink, both for travel, and for the actual drinking part. With two layers of thermal insulation to keep your can cold and hands dry.

    Beverage Flannel

    Regular price $13.95

    Designed with two layers of thermal insulation the Beverage Flannel is perfect for any can or bottle. The beverage flannel jacket keeps your drink’s sweat off your hands, and your hand sweat off your drink while you work. Everybody wins.

    Beverage Vest

    Regular price $12.95

    Designed to be your can’s best friend but does not discriminate against bottles. With two layers of thermal insulation to keep your can cold and hands dry. The beverage vest keeps your drink’s insides insulated but leaves it’s imaginary arms free for work and play.

    Beverage Adventure Vest

    Regular price $13.95

    For those always ready for an adventure, the Puffin Adventure Vest is here to help with two layers of thermal insulation and a great new look!

    Beverage Sleeping Bag

    Regular price $15.95

    Tuck your 12oz bottle into the cozy insulated sleeping bag to keep all it’s cold from escaping from it’s head and neck. A carabiner and bottle opener ensures you have access to your libations wherever your journey takes you, and a utility pocket holds your caps for proper disposal.

    Beverage Parka

    Regular price $15.95

    For the Beverages that feel a bit more glamorous. The beverage parka brings a whole new aspect of style into keeping your drinks cold. With two layers of thermal insulation, this diva will keep your drinks cold and hands dry.