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    How to channel your inner fashion goddess for the holidays

    Photo by Lizzie on Unsplash

    If you are a goddess, you are a goddess – regardless of the season… and guess what? We know you are one, and the only thing we’ll help you do at this point is encourage you to unleash it during the holiday season. So, get ready to enjoy the next few lines and all the fashion suggestions we’ve got in store for you!

    NOTE: Before we get down to fashion tips, we’d like to get something out there: Don’t depend on a dress size. You are sensual, desirable and beautiful in the size you are now and you should embrace it like a true Goddess! Believe your power, always.

    Own a velvet dress


    A clean-cut velvet dress is an item you want to have in your closet for the days of festivities and glam. A simple velvet dress dressed up or down can do wonders for your appearance and be worn on several occasions. Pair your sleeveless burgundy sheath with a sheer lace cardigan to create a phenomenal combo for the party you are attending. If you are looking to wow everyone at the office, pair the velvet dress with a long cardigan. You can include tall boots in the mix to dress down the sexiness of the dress.

    Be your own inspiration

    Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

    Look around and you’ll see (pale) copies of Kim K and the sisters or the forced laid-back, retro vibe. Do you really want to be the same as everyone else? Of course, no. While getting inspired by the currently popular fashion trends is totally fine, we somehow think you can do way better than that. The best way to look dashing each time you step out of the house is to find your fashion voice and channel it, no matter how “off” it may seem. How about this: adjust your fashion to your daily moods and see what happens. If it’s tall boots with just a shirt, so be it. Is it a yellow maxi dress with a slouchy mauve jumper and ankle boots? Cool! Want a hat? Wear it! Even pairing your fabulous designer resort wear with simpler items can work if you combine them in the right way. Listen to your inner Goddess, she knows best what she wants to wear… so, let her have it!

    Let the shoulders speak

    Photo by Viliman Viliman on Unsplash

    There’s something extremely sensual and seductive yet very sophisticated and refined about a woman sporting bare shoulders or just a shoulder drop. We’ve seen the trend hype up all throughout 2017 and we don’t see why this should stop just because it’s winter. Thicker fabrics in interesting prints or rich colors may look phenomenal as a winter outfit, especially if you are headed for a hot date. With a bare shoulder, the makeup should be minimal. Add an oversized coat to the mix (white is hit this winter) or your favorite fur, and see everyone’s jaws drop a few inches. Ha!

    All black everything

    Photo by Darkness on Unsplash

    We know it’s a holiday season and that everyone is expecting a hint of green and red here and there but – if that’s not your vibe, don’t force it. A real Goddess would never let anyone talk her into something that simply doesn’t fit. Your obsession with all-black-everything even during the holiday season is totally understandable, really. Whether we are talking about a comfy black romper, bodysuit, a chic combo like jeans and a blazer, a black maxi or your famous LBD – you should feel free to rock it. Add a little intrigue to your black obsession, though: rich bud diamond earrings, an interesting bracelet or a silver hair comb will do wonders for your style!

    This holiday season should be all about embracing and acknowledging your fashion potential, and letting everyone see how gorgeous you are… so, what are you waiting for?