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    Event LOVE: @KayTranEyewear Launch

    Last week, a number of us gathered at Pink Eye Optical on Queen street west, to celebrate the launch of the KayTran Eyewear Collection. We laughed, ate, drank wine and it’s safe to say that I tried on every single pair of the glasses that were on display. I loved all the different styles, and I especially loved the fit! You don’t realize how uncomfortable your regular glasses or sunglasses are, until you try on a pair of KayTran glasses.

    Rocking a pair of KayTran glasses 🙂

    LOOOOOVE these!

    “Reduced lens + frame curvature prevent the edges of the frame from rubbing and resting against your cheekbones.”

    “A narrowed bridge + elevated nose pads allow the frame to rest comfortably on your nose without the slipping and sliding.”

    Hawley always looks so FLY!

    Fun times with Septembre! Loving the “KayTran Fit!”

    Oh my gawwwd!

    “Widened temple angles open the space between the frame and your face, preventing marks and indents from forming on your cheeks.”

    Jen’s shoes… so cute!

    The lady of the hour!! Congratulations on an amazing collection Kathy 🙂

    Congratulations to Kathy and her team on a successful launch, and an awesome collection! I have to find a way to get my hands on one, two… maybe three pairs of KayTran glasses!

    peace and love