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    London Fashion Week @boraaksu

    HeyDoYou is in London for the first time attending London Fashion Week. We got invited to the Bora Aksu show a London-based boutique store originally from Turkey.  He says his main inspiration for the Spring 2013 collection mainly came from Queen Victoria’s grand-daughter, Marie, who became the Queen of Romania in 1922. Apparently she mixed in a lot of Romanian culture without breaking away from her British-ness. Everything has a story.

    They had some awesome headpieces going on here! Bora says the floral designs came from the love Marie had for her botanical garden in Balchik. Check out my faves:

    London Fashion Week is held at the Somerset House this year, right by Covent Garden. it’s a huge space full of pretty people. It basically looks like one huge cool club that everyone wants to be a part of. There’s about a million line-ups for a million things, so you have to ask around to make sure you’re waiting at the right spot. This is England after all, ti’s all very polite. No jumping the line!

    Of course, we can’t get through fashion week without some celebrity snap shots. Playboy model Kelly Brook was right in front of me!

    That concludes the fun and games for now. Until next time! Cheers, @missamandachen