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    Showcase your creativity and personality with a Moleskine Notebook.

    Everyone is getting settled into the first week of classes or is about to start! Did everyone get his or her notebooks? Because MOLESKINE has awesome ones. They also have journals, diaries, bags, and many other things.

    Founded in 1997, Moleskine has become a popular brand and not only known for their notebooks but for new products such as pens and pencils, laptop cases, and iPad, iPhone, and Kindle covers! You can paint in their notebooks, write in their specialized travel notebooks, use their planner, etc.

    Moleskine City Notebooks are a great product. A map of the city and metro system is included, and there’s plenty of room to write down whatever you want while you travel! Cities that they have are Amsterdam, Atlanta, Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Toronto, Seattle, Tokyo, and so many more!

    I personally have a Moleskine Pocket Notebook, one that I got from my professor when I studied abroad in London. I kept it in my purse and didn’t really know what to use it for. Eventually I made use out of all the pages. I wrote notes, thoughts, and little things here and there that I wanted to remember. I wrote down the small towns and cities I traveled to, quotes I saw in museums, addresses, etc. It became a part of me, a journal filled with thoughts and memories. I love looking back on it and remembering that part of my life!

    You can write anything in these things, as it is yours to look at and to look back at. Show your creativity and fill it with notes, pictures, stuff that your friends say, inspirational quotes…

    You can buy Moleskine at many stores. There are some at Barnes & Noble, college bookstores, and if you don’t have one near you, buy it online!

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