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    MoonBikes: The World’s First Electric Snowbike Launches its Conquest of the United States

    The French start-up MoonBikes is conquering the American market with the world’s first electric snowbike. Born in the French Alps, the company’s mission was to create an electric snowbike that would revolutionize mobility on snow. Democratizing snow mobility with a pioneering design of ultra-light and affordable snowbike with respect to the environment, MoonBikes is the perfect alternative to the polluting and noisy snowmobiles. After conquering the European market, the company has now expanded to the United States. The first vehicles has arrived just in time for Christmas.

    * Photo Credit : Niels St Viteux

    Winter Playground

    Whether you’re rallying on trails, venturing into the backcountry, or simply cruising around town, MoonBikes transform winter into your playground

    Explore nature with respect

    Explore nature—without compromising it. Ride without a sound, MoonBikes has a zero operational footprint

    Immediate Power

    MoonBikes gives you the freedom of an e-bike with the power of a motorcycle

    About MoonBikes:

    The idea of MoonBikes grew in Nicolas Muron’s mind in 2015, when he was at his grandparents’ home in the small village of Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce, in the French Alps. That winter, he makes a simple observation: in the summer, mobility solutions are infinite, while in winter, all there is are cars, snowmobiles (expensive and polluting) or one’s feet, to get around, explore or have fun. Nicolas, mountain and tech lover, decides he’ll find a solution.