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    A Clean Cosmetics Trio, Featuring the Best Little Mascara Ever, Launches on Kickstarter

    Touted as one of the 5 best beauty subscriptions of 2020, alongside Birchbox and FabFitFun, My Little Mascara Club’s clean cosmetics mascarasubscription is the first of its kind.

    EXQUISITE Mascara Gift Set by My Little Mascara Club

    The Best Little Mascara Ever, as their pocket-sized mascara is called, is packed with natural ingredients. All their products, including a micellar water mascara remover with cucumber, reusable mascara eraser wipes, and numerous elegant gift sets, are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, mineral oil free, beeswax free and paraffin free.

    The Best Little Mascara Ever by My Little Mascara Club (PRNewsfoto/My Little Mascara Club)

    Christie Kerner, founder of My Little Mascara Club, explains: “Mascara is the one cosmetic most women still put up with a lot of chemicals in. We don’t want to compromise on long, full lashes! Some of the major brands still use coal tar based ingredients that are so dangerous the FDA has to inspect and certify every batch before use. I set out to improve that with a natural mascara that really works.”

    In addition to the clean formula, she innovated on the size and wearability of mascara. Standard size mascaras often dry out and get clumpy before empty. A smaller tube lasts less than the FDA recommended 3 months, while the shorter wand gives more control for better application. Many mascaras can smear or flake off lashes with regular use, The Best Little Mascara Ever is noted for its ability to stay put, without being hard to remove like waterproof mascaras.

    Beginning July 2020, the mascara, remover and wipes will be available as a subscription. As Christie notes: “It is all too easy to forget to pick up a new mascara. For a product that most women won’t leave the house without, which mascara is known to be, a subscription just makes sense.”

    Those who want first access can order The Best Little Mascara Ever on Kickstarter now.

    For more information please visit www.mylittlemascaraclub.com.

    About My Little Mascara Club

    With a mission to help others feel better about themselves and life, My Little Mascara Club is committed to deliver mascara and moments of happy.  In addition to providing innovative mascaraproducts with their clean cosmetics promise, they provide tips and inspiration to help others live their best, most happy, life.