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    How To Create A Luxury Pedicure At-Home

    Even though nail salons are still not open for everyone, our feet still need some love. I wanted to introduce Halo Hand that will help you create a luxurious, yet affordable pedicure experience from home.

    Halo polish was made with you in mind — from how you shop, to what you wear. As working women on the go, we wanted polished nails to help us feel polished, but struggled to find long lasting, go-to shades that wouldn’t break the bank. Halo started by offering women a better in-salon experience, but the more manis we gave, the more we learned the dark secrets of the nail world. Polishes filled with cheap, harmful chemicals that are bad for our nails and health dominate the industry.

    Halo Hand offers “high-fiveable” clean nail polish kits that come with everything you need for a total at-home pedi-makeover. Best of all, you’re not compromising your nails by exposing them to toxic chemicals in the process. The brand’s polishes are “10-free” meaning these nontoxic formulas eliminate the 10 most common chemicals found in traditional nail care products. Additionally, their vegan and cruelty-free line brings you the “whole kit & caboodle” right to your fingertips.

    *Limited Release* Summer Treats Color Kit

    The Seasonal Summer Colors are here! Every season, Halo Hand releases the limited edition collection of the hottest mani trends. This summer, Halo Hand is bringing you cheery shades with a bit of nostalgia – all of your favorite summer flavors that will have you both trend-ready and craving your favorite treat.

    This Summer Color kit includes Halo’s signature 10-free polish in the following flavors:

    1. Lemonade: a creamy-yellow shade that’ll take you back to your lemonade stand.
    2. Creamsicle: a milky orange so delicious you’ll want to enjoy it on the beach.
    3. Spearmint: a bright, refreshing summer green.
    4. Blueberry Bellini: a purpley-blue that’ll make you crave the classic cocktail, stat.

    Naughty Nudes Color Kit

    For those who like to stay on the simpler side, the true nudes cover the spectrum of barely-there colors, without overwhelming white undertones. For a peek-a-boo of polish, look no further.

    The Naughty Nudes kit includes Halo Hand signature 10-free polish in the following colors:

    1. Halo Pink: we may be biased, but this signature shade of millennial pink will leave you feeling perfectly polished.
    2. Basic: a barely there sandy champagne so your hands look flawless for when you’re…holding champagne.
    3. White Hot: a flat white color for when you’re feeling on fire.
    4. Partly Cloudy: a gray so delicate, it goes with any forecast.

    What’s Inside all the kits: 

    • Set of 4 Halo 10-Free Polishes
    • One 5-Free Halo 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat Combo
    • One 2oz bottle of Soy-based polish remover
    • File, buffer & lint remover wipes (use these to keep those light colors staying bright!)
    • AKA everything you need for a total at-home mani-makeover!

    Customizable Full Nontoxic Color Kit (4 colors)

    The same great Halo polishes you love in Halo Hand no-guess shades, now in a color kit that you can build to fit your taste.

    Tired of the clumpy polishes, made with mysterious ingredients that made our stomachs churn, we got out our paint buckets, and started mixing. Halo polishes are CLEAN, chip-resistant, and long-lasting. Their polisthes are quick-dry and go on silky smooth, requiring only 2-3 coats for full, vivid color. Halo Hand is made with only the best ingredients, and are cruelty-free, vegan, and 10-free!

    As all of us always found picking colors difficult — with so many options, where does one start? Halo Hand sought to fix that and took the guesswork out of picking colors and left only the good ones. Halo’s slimmed down palette has all of the go-tos that you need and the seasonal flavor that you crave. Their colors are truly pigmented to the shade you expect – they don’t compensate with white or black undertones for filler, it’s all color all the time. And they promise, no surprises!

    Halo Hand is bringing you more than just polish – they are offering a total nail wellness solution. Let Halo Hand help you take care of your nails.

    About The Founders

    Meet Jennifer

    Co-Founder & Chief Nail Officer

    Jennifer is a 10-free convert (who has time for chemical-filled polish!?) who, for years, has been in search of her go-to nail color. Her nomadic existence, moving from NYC to Chicago to San Francisco, has made having the tools for an at-home manicure a must.

    Jennifer’s favorite Halo Hand nail color comes from the nude palette, which inspired the website & branding.

    Meet Donna

    Co-Founder & Chief Glam Officer

    Donna is a mani adventurist. She likes to experiment with new colors and patterns, but always comes back to her go-to staples (classics are classics for a reason!) She has lived on both coasts and traveled for work in-between, so appreciates the importance of a reliable and healthy polish. An SF native, she knows that the city is in dire need of a mani makeover.