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    (T.O.) GBC Art…Eat it!

    Yesterday while getting my schedule set up, I noticed that there was lots of art on display all over the Hospitality Building at George Brown College. Then I noticed these big chocolate balls… naturally I had to go over and find out what was going on.

    This is how I discovered the George Brown College “Almost Edible” exhibition. Fine Arts students at the college were asked to present their take on the old saying “art imitates life”. The exhibition features works that represent the look, feel and taste of food.

    The exhibit came out of an assignment in which students were asked to depict the taste of a particular food by evoking memories associated with that food. These art pieces were inspired by a range of foods, for example fruits, veggies, pastries, beverages etc. In total there are 32 abstract paintings and 12 sculptures on display.

    this actually looks like you could eat it… maybe
    looks kinda yummy
    I don’t get it…

    What do you think? Do they look like they could be edible?

    peace, love and health
    ps: Happy back to school for all my students!
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