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    Make your dog’s day, every single day

    It started off with a question, I’m taking supplements everyday… Should my pets be taking them too? As a dog-owner and supplement-taker himself, Founder Josh Weiss felt a motivation to educate consumers on the benefits of preventative supplementation for their pets after watching his family dog struggle in her final years. Realizing there weren’t any go-to products on the market, Josh pulled up his bootstraps and started developing his own, getting taste-feedback from local dogs around the neighborhood until the formulation was perfected.

    Enter reggie. Backed by science, vet approved and US made, Reggie wellness supplements provide the essential vitamins and nutrients your pup needs to thrive daily. 

    Meet the Lineup

    • morning multivitamin: vitamin c, iron + copper support health, immunity and performance

    • morning hip + joint: glucosamine, MSM + chondroitin sulfate help soreness and inflammation

    • evening skin + coat: omega 3’s + vitamin e soothe itch and promote soft skin + shiny coat

    • NEW! anytime calming: ashwagandha, magnolia flower, tree bark extracts and L-Theanine helps keep your pup calm, balanced and happy

    Each supplement’s suggested time is designed to coincide with your dog’s mealtime so you’ll never miss a beat. Bonus: all reggie supplements are made in the USA with recyclable packaging.