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    The Reusable Shadow Shield for A Fast And Flawless Eye Makeup Application

    ShadowMoon is a new company/product that they just launched this July! ShadowMoon is a reusable Shadow Shield for fast and flawless eye makeup application. The founders are two sisters who created this product with the hopes of easing the eye makeup application process in a more economic and waste free method.
    Here are some key points and differentiators of our product (ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield):
    • SAVE MONEY: You will no longer need to buy disposable eye makeup shields
    • REUSABLE: Reduce waste
    • STOP STICKING: Designed with a grip to hold under your eye so no sticky adhesive is required. (this is better for your under eye area and won’t ruin your face makeup!)
    • PERFECT APPLICATION: Achieve a perfect eye makeup application and save time (catches your eyeshadow fallout and acts as a guide for eyeshadow and eyeliner application)
    • EASY CLEAN: Made from Food Grade Silicone for an easy clean (soap and water or makeup remover works!)
    • COMPACT: Compact size for easy storage and travel
    • SOOTHING: Optionally keep in the fridge before use for an under eye cooling/soothing effect as you use ShadowMoon (e.g. helps with puffy morning eyes)
    How to use

    Hold ShadowMoon under your eye while applying eye makeup to achieve a mess free application. Clean with makeup brush shampoo, soap and water, or with a cotton pad and makeup remover between use.

    About ShadowMoon

    ShadowMoon is a reusable shadow shield for fast and flawless eye makeup application.  ShadowMoon’s flexible Silicone design protects your face from eyeshadow fallout during application and helps achieve the perfect application of eyeshadow and winged eyeliner. ShadowMoon is designed with a grip for ease of application so no adhesive is required. Shop ShadowMoon at www.shadowmoonbeauty.com and https://shadowmoonbeauty.com/products/shadowmoon.