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    Fantasy Twist by @BritneySpears

    X- Factor Judge, Britney Spears, is back into creating perfumes. This time, she isn’t making a new fragrance.  She took two of her previous scents, Midnight Fantasy & Fantasy, and put the two together forming the innovative, Fantasy Twist.

    The sleek spherical bottle is 2 separate perfumes in the shape of half circles that lock into each other forming forming the sphere shape. The Midnight Fantasy half is in the color blue & the Fantasy scent half is in the color pink; the star’s favorite colors. It also has a silver heart charm that adds a very girly touch to the appearance.

    The Midnight Fantasy is a sweet warm scent with notes of plum, black-cherry, & framboise. While the Fantasy scent is musky with notes of white chocolate orchid and jasmine petals.

    Its orignal packaging allows the consumer to wear either both of the scents together or wear them separately.

    This unique perfume will be available starting in October retailing for just under $40. I am so excited and I can’t wait to try it out. I think the two separate scents would be perfect for someone that’s working and wants to go out after for dinner with her friends. The Midnight Fantasy would be great for dinner at night or drinks with your friends & Fantasy is perfect for   work or school. I have smelled both of these fragrances and I absolutely love them both. Now, I can have both!