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    Pack Up All Your Essentials in A SUSAN FARIS Sleek Case

    Do you have the experience to pack all your makeup essentials into a case or makeup bag, but it’s too big to fit into your purse. Or you get a small makeup case, but the inside is not big enough for all the essentials you need. Or when you are in hurry to get the makeup done, but there is no mirror around… Designed for touch-up on-the-go, Susan Faris’s Lip & Beauty Cases are made of vegan leather and can fit perfectly into a purse. The case includes elastic loop holders to carry one’s favorite eyeliner, lip liner or mascara. With room for about three to four touch-up products and an attached magnified mirror on the inside flap, the beauty cases come in a sand snakeskin, metallic gold, patent leather black, and more.

    Susan Faris is a design enthusiast based in West Hollywood, California. Susan’s passion is to bring innovative concepts to market with a focus on luxury and elegance in a functional design.

    Susan began designing and developing travel and cosmetic accessories in 1995, while at Warner Brothers. Since then, Susan has established a strong brand that has been carried at many major retailers, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, high-end boutiques, spas and beauty stores, to name a few.

    The talented Susan Faris team is dedicated to creating high-quality cases and accessories that safeguard your devices and essentials with style and convenience -mindfully designed by women, for women! The mantra: when you dress to impress, your accessories should make as dynamic a statement as your outfit.

    Susan’s brand is constantly expanding with new products featuring the latest trends – to “Carry A Little Attitude” wherever your day takes you. Susan knows that not all protective products are created equally-that is why their team is committed to maintaining the highest-quality standards, using strict material sourcing guidelines. Susan believes in quality over quantity and oversee every creative and production aspect of their products from concept to completion.

    Lip & Beauty Case with Magnifying Mirror

    • Material: High Quality Faux Vegan Leather
    • Inner Lining: Black Ultra Suede
    • Care Instructions: Wash with warm water and soft soap.
    • Dimensions: 6.5″ Long, 1.5″ Tall, 2″ Wide
    • Weight: 5oz
    • Hand Crafted
    • Magnifying Mirror
    • Magnetic Closure
    • Elastic Loops

    There are so many styles that you can choose from, Susan Faris Lip & Beauty Cases are perfect gifts – for yourself, for your mom, for best friends, for sisters, or anyone who loves being organized and stylish.


    Black Croc

    Red Snakeskin

    Pearl Croc

    Sand Snakeskin

    This is Lulu’s choice, a beautiful shining gold color – Gold Ostrich

    This case is not only for makeups, but also great for small accessories. It is perfect to protect these delicate accessories not get broken in your traveling luggage. You can also protect your purse from being scratched by accessories’ sharp parts. You can visit https://susanfaris.com/ to check out these beautiful and functional cases, it is the time to get yours!