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    NEW MUSIC: “The Woman You Love” @Ashanti ft Busta Rhymes

    ASHANTI is back and better then ever. This song is fire and will do damage on the charts. I know many women that will be able to relate to this track because we are all trying to be “the woman you love” for the man that they are madly in love with. I know I do this myself. Busta kills his verse too, nothing bad to say about this. I am in love with this song. What do you think?

    “What about my pride?
    You’re never satisfied.
    You made me feel like I wasn’t worth being by your side.
    I done sacrificed all of my damn time giving you all mine
    You see me dying inside.

    Tryin’ to see.
    Tryin’ to find.
    Tryin’ to be (the woman you love)
    Tried everything, but it just don’t seem like it’s enough. (Hey baby!)
    Tried to believe.
    But I’m tired of being tired.
    Tryin’ to love
    Tryin’ to fight.
    And I’m running out of tries.
    You’re just no good.”

    xoxo, @itstanyag