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    Event LOVE: @nikiandlola pop-up shop

    “Boy meets girl. They get married, and have kids. She designs jewellery, and he makes it. That is where the story begins.”

    Yesterday I went over to Sweet Woodruff flower shop to celebrate the launch of Niki & Lola’s “early nomad” capsule collection. I first saw a Niki & Lola piece on Angie a few months ago, and pretty much lost my marbles, so when I got the invite to the Niki & Lola pop-up shop event, there was just NO WAY that I was going to miss it. I loved every single piece in the collection. I love the simplicity, the attention to detail, I especially love how all the pieces have this strength to them, while being delicate at the same time. My faves were the shield ring, the kingdom necklace, and there was this crazy cuff  (I can’t remember what it was called but I LOVED it… I think it was called the Polygonia cuff).

    This cuff WILL be mine one day. Love. Love. Love.

    The shield rings!



    Angie and Michael 🙂

    The Agny Spear necklace

    The Kingdom necklace. LOVE.

    I love them both. yes.

    Kourtney and Charise 🙂


    The genius behind Niki & Lola

     omg… love

    The Astra bangle

    well done guys!!

    my love…

    Tricia Hall was there too 🙂

    I had to 🙂

    A HUGE thank you to Angie and Michael for allowing us to share in this special occasion. Wishing you all the best!!

    peace and love