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    Canada Rocks for JAPAN

    We are all aware of the chaos that is going on in Japan right now, and our prayers and love go out to all of those affected by the earthquake.

    Adrian Pizzoferrato and some of his colleagues are putting together a benefit concert this April 14th, to raise money for the thousands affected by the earthquake. The concert will take place at The Sound Academy who have kindly donated the venue at no charge. I hear there is going to be an all-star cast of Canadian musicians that promise to put on a fantastic show!
    I applaud everyone that is involved in this project for showing your love and support for the people affected by the earthquake.
    Adrian shared a video for a song that was written, produced and performed by Tuzzy (pronounced 2Z), one of the artists that will be performing at the benefit concert.
    More details coming soon.
    pray for Japan

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    Music EH! – Tuzzy “Skeletons”

    I love listening to up and coming Canadian music artists. Music is my passion and I could just sit around all day listening to it. Yes I’m the girl with 5000+ songs on my Ipod, so when I got an email from this artist I was inclined to listen to it. Tuzzy an aspiring R & B artist from Toronto sent me over his new video for his new hit “Skeletons” and I really have to say, I LOVE IT!!!!

    More Information about Tuzzy:

    Tuzzy’s imagination and artistic background has enabled him to continually create unique and intimate songs.  Tuzzy produces, writes, sings and raps all of his own material from scratch. Thriving to be known in the industry, Tuzzy has been dedicated to performing at venues such as Phoenix Concert Theatre, Suba Lounge, Stella Borealis, Passion Lounge, The Rock Pile, Le Jardin and The Opera House.  His fan base continues to grow daily, having over 60,000 plays on Myspace and Youtube.  His music intrigued world renowned DJ, Michael Mayhem, who is now Tuzzy’s official touring DJ.

    Visit him on Myspace and Youtube.

    xo Tanya