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    Whiskee Straw is Changing the Sipping Game

    Welcome to the sipping revolution. Delight in endless mixing, sipping, and drinking action with the Whiskee Straw, the first-of-its-kind straw with a whisk at the end. The brand is changing the sipping game one drink at a time. The design is perfect for protein shakes, energy packets, tea mixes, mixed drinks, chocolate milk, iced coffee, smoothies, lemonade, and so much more! Just whisk, mix and sip

    The Whiskee Straw is a revolutionary whisk on a straw! The Whiskee Straws patent-pending functionality and design allows the user to not only mix the contents within your cup but keep it mixed while you sip. The Whiskee Straw is user friendly and great for all ages!

    Great for protein shakes, energy packets, tea mixes, mixed drinks, chocolate milk, iced coffee and so much more!! Just whisk, mix & sip!


    • One 16oz Whiskee Straw (8mm wide X 215 mm tall)
    • One 24oz Whiskee Straw (8mm wide X 240 mm tall)
    • One Cleaning Brush
    • Two White Removable Silicone Tips

    The Whiskee Straw© is a one-of-a-kind drinking straw with a whisk! Yes, that’s right. A WHISK! Say goodbye to the mess of using multiple utensils to mix your drink and the dreaded drink separation. Not only will you be able to MIX the contents of your drink with your Whiskee Straw© but you will also be able to KEEP them mixed while you enjoy them!

    About Whiskee Straw

    The Whiskee Straw was created by Anissa. She is a busy wife and mom of three and ALWAYS on the go. After struggling to use a “plain jane” straw to mix drinks such as iced coffee or dirty up multiple utensils to make her kiddos chocolate milk, this momma got tired of the mess and the hassle – not to mention the disaster of trying to use the normal straw to keep protein shakes and smoothies blended once they started to separate. Ugh! So one day, with a drink in hand that was in desperate need of being mixed before Anissa sipped, a brilliant idea came to mind! She needed a way to mix her drink without taking out straw! So she sat there thinking to herself, if only there was a whisk on her straw… wait a second, a whisk! That was it! So Anissa hurried home and told her husband about her GREAT idea and with the help from her husband and kids, they dreamt up the vision Anissa had and VOILA! The Whiskee Straw™️ was born! Anissa’s husband then took the sketched idea and brought it to life by welding it together. From there they handed it off to be tested by their children. It was a hit! They even came up with them name. Now, they don’t go anywhere without Whiskee Straw™️!