Formed in 2005, TICKLE ME PINK includes Sean Kennedy (lead vocals, bass), Stefen Runstrom (drums), Steven Beck (guitar, vocals) and Joey Barba (guitar). Tickle Me Pink has built a loyal following by playing hundreds of live shows and independently releasing two EPs, If Only We Were Twenty One And Up (2005) and Half Seas Over (2006), and their debut full-length, Madeline. Selling out the 650-capacity Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, TICKLE ME PINK has become one of the biggest bands in Colorado.

The urgency and depth of TICKLE ME PINK is best captured with the title track of their new album. ‘Madeline’ is a cautionary tale of substance abuse, documenting the death of the album’s namesake heroine. Kennedy states, “Madeline represents my friends who have gone off the deep end. It illustrates how sorry I feel that that my impact on some of my friends has not been more positive. Every activity shared in the song may have been fun at the time, but ultimately brought Madeline to her death. Living with the thought that you might have been the final straw is a tough mental battle.”

TICKLE ME PINK recorded Madeline at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins with Producer Lee Miles (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Puddle Of Mudd). From the addictive melodies and explosive vocals on ‘Typical,’ to the roaring rocker ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ and the heartbreaking exploration of suicide on ‘Tomorrow’s Ending,’ there is a lot of depth to this debut. With an onslaught of modern artists pigeonholed into singular sounds, ‘Madeline’ is an eclectic offering that changes colors like a chameleon, yet never loses its heart or identity.

You can get your copy of Madeline on Oct. 14!