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    My October

    Yvonne welcoming november with open arms. Fashion sCares on Sat! 11:54pmYvonne costume is ready! tricks n treats for yaYvonne u wanted the louboutins but u got the steve maddens, u wanted rocky road but you got frozen yogurt, you wanted a great love but got a booty call, see a pattern?Yvonne you came in with the breeze, on sunday morningYvonne this is londonYvonne how could an angel break my heart, why didnt he catch my falling star? I wish I didn’t wish so hard , maybe i wished our love apartYvonne there is no need to float when you can steer your wayYvonne making hits like a factory Yvonne is…

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    Costume ideas?

    Nothing can top my get up from 07… or can it? Halloween 2007 at Circa Trick or treat, we have tons of spooky parties lined up for you this freaky week! Remember how much fun we had last year? Check out my hot costume from last year! Gummy fangs and plexigloss and get your costume ready. You can basically be anything ‘sexified’. Looking forward to scandalous get ups and creepy crawlers this week. HeyDoYou will be covering Fashion sCares on Nov 1- get your tickets! OCT 31 Halloween Ritual at Rockwood Dead Carnival at SEVEN Ultra Horror Picture Show at Ultra Supper Club Masquerade at Atelier The Nightmare at Spin…

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    Cute, Clever, Connected

    i heart this girl – she is the definition of off the runway style! It’s so refreshing to see passion of fashion alive! She had a sick outfit every single day! Black on black, love the hair, makeup flawless – texture tights, nice touch! Thoughts on the footwear? Sarah the Stylist from COSMOtv.ca is experimenting with face decal… Caught my eye from across the room and a real conversational piece. Love it Who’s that girl? Nada Yousif, jawdropping lookbook and dresses that make you swoon. Think Sex and the City meets Vargas pin up? Clean lines, bright colours, attention to detail and uber sexy! 2 thumbs up!In a cutie sandwich,…

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    Tent Trendsetters

    So you say you have nothing to wear…well, these people don’t seem to have that problem. Are their closets fuller than ours? or their minds just way more creative… Steal their looks!Fashion permeates Toronto and all the stylish gather under the tents this week. Where are all these people hiding the rest of the year? After hibernation, the fashion frenzies pop out twice a year, with powder, patent and glossified? We found the best:

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    Carlie Wong

    LOreal Fashion Week 2008 is purple, regal and beautiful. The first show I went this year is the CARLIE WONG Spring 2009 collection. My personal favourite is the white pants and the black ruffle backless top. WOW….. 🙂 Going back for more tomorrow!Carlie Wong is a designer that was on Project Runway and is from British Columbia.