The Inuit have different words for different types of snow.
Katiksunik – light snow
Anui – snow packed hard
Iluq – thin snow on a window
Pokaktok – snow that looks like salt
Aput – snow on the ground
Massak – watery snow
Akillukkak – soft snow
Sillik – hard icy snow
Imalik – falling wet snow
Sullarniq -snow blown in
Apun – snow
Apingaut – first snowfall
Qaniit – snow in the air
Nittaalaq – snow thick in the air
Ayak – snow that has fallen on clothes
Aputitaq – patch of snow
Kannik – snowflake
Nutagak – snow like powder
Apirlaat – snow that has just fallen
Kaiyuglak – snow in ripples
Perksertok – drifting snow
Aniuk – snow to use as water
Apusiniq – snow in a drift
Miulik – sleet
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