Hello Kitty <3 MAC

Oh my goodness! So much fun 😀 Hello Kitty @ M.A.C. is going to sell out for sure. Can someone buy me all of it Valentine’s day please! The party was complete with yummy bow tie chocolate cookies, pink lemonade + vodka and full size Hello Kitty man-nequins. Balloons, testers, kitty tattoos, pink order forms, a full line up of invite-onlys and their plus ones. Overwhelmed by cuteness – we all left a little bit more glamorous. Original post here.

Jacob loves Hello Kitty!

Yah, we play dress up, we love makeup, we live fashion. We are the real deal.

Me being a Hello Kitty
O-M-G the most stylish girls ever.. So cute, I said, hi can i take your picture? And she goes, can i take yours? 😀 Aw! Fashion cosmic twins!

Yay, bathe in cuteness!

TOFLO, Nadine Balmer MAC Artist and Me!

Wow how cute!


This is what I call a man-nequin. Can you imagine the call sheet for this gig: wear kitty head, hold balloons. LMAO

My hands are full, my heart is bubbling over with cuteness ^_^

Good Kitty Bad Kitty

Flo getting a tattoo

Valentine’s day pressies!!!

me and hello kitty go way back!

beautiful and talented Nadine Balmer!

the prep talk – okay MAC artists, turn on the megawatt cute!

VIP line

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