Basil Seed Drink with Honey

I am always thirsty for cool new things. When I went grocery shopping in Chinatown in Toronto, I found this drink for $1.79. It’s so weird!

Then I did a quick Google search and found a lot of posts on this! Speaking of gross, this blog that talked about the drink is emoticon). Haha! The Basil seed drink with honey comes in cans and bottles and tastes really good. The texture is sort of like aloe vera bits and reminds me of my childhood favorite drink Orbitz.

This is a Thailand original drink, Nam Manglak.

(Photo from Kate Raynes-Goldie’s Flickr)
Ingredients wise, there isn’t much:
Basil seeds

it has around 255g of sodium lol and 25g of sugar. lol who would have thought.

This is an unusual cold Thai drink available in cans, but here we make it fresh. It looks like frog spawn, but don’t let that put you off, those little gelatin lumps with black centres are actually Thai basil seeds. Thai basil has a smaller leaf than you see in Italian cooking, but the seeds are widely available. When you add water the seed swells into small soft balls and these give an unusual texture to the drink. The traditional flavouring is rose water, but you can flavour it with vanilla or peppermint essence if you prefer, or try adding the seeds to Iced Tea for tea with texture!

(Photo from Kate Raynes-Goldie’s Flickr)
If you try it, let me know what you think!

oh ya, here’s some of the ‘health benefits’.
♥ Increases movement in stomach/intestines so that you digest faster; more active
♥ The basil seeds sucks toxins and fat then increases bowel movement
♥ Bowel movement increases toxin/waste removal which promotes healthy, beautiful skin
♥ Burns calories
♥ Decreases consumption of sugar level and cholesterol
♥ After meals, it decreases glucose level and control “blood sugars” from rising
♥ If you consume sugar, it will cover the sugar content so your body won’t absorb it which lowers sugar levels
♥ It prevents heart attacks, heart strokes and other heart diseases
♥ Reduces “blood fat” density
♥ Good for people with diabetes and controls weight
♥ Ok so basically when you eat basil seeds, it’s kind of sticky, so it tends to stick to the walls of your digestive system, and when you intake food, it reduces the chance of your digestive system absorbing cholesterol, fat, sugars, etc. because the basil seeds won’t let the food touch the walls etc.


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