Pinker than PINK!

This girl loves her zebra stripes.

Looks like the Rose and the K are bringing street fashion into couture. Anna Wintour probably was like… what the hell has fashion become. HAHA! But fashion is really less about labels, brand names and weird shit. And more about THIS! Show your personality through your clothes, stand for something and make people say wow… (and blog about it)!

Apparently, hanging out with Kanye for a few days gets you captioned as “Singer Amber Rose” lmao… She is not a singer…! She is, pinker than Pink! Here they are at the Stella McCartney Ready to Wear aka prêt-à-porter aka off the rack (standard sizing available) at Paris Fashion Week.

Pink: “MY” name is Pink!
Amber: Cool, both Amber and Rose are red.
Kanye: Yo, remember when you were controversial JUS cuz you had short hair??
Pink: We should get together and do some sort of collaboration
Amber: You are tryin to step to my man like this, right here?
Kanye: Ladies, ladies, there is plenty of Yeezy to go around!

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Her Alexander Wang + LV get up for the GIVENCHY show..

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