The Society: The Great Debate

What better way to heat up a cold winter’s night than by engaging in a candid and heated discussion?

We are thrilled to bring you the latest installment of culture-tainment: an event designed to feed your minds and challenge your expectations…

Introducing: The Great Debate.

Topic: Be it resolved that the government should stop all funding to the arts

Today’s art market is a vulnerable organism. Sales are crashing down, careers are depleting and the much discussed “art boom” is supposedly no longer. This is why we couldn’t think of a more timely discussion for the inaugural debate. Harking on the debate societies from the early 19th century, members of The Society
will be entrusted with a secret handshake to secure entrance into the debate den. Internationally recognized philosopher, author and lecturer Mark Kingwell will facilitate the arguments and rebuttals from four top students chosen from the University of Toronto.

How very Skull and Bones?!?

Upon registration, members will receive details on the secret handshake & location

When: Monday, March 9th 2009
Where: address will be released to all confirmed guests two days prior to the debate

Time: 7:00PM


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