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“How would you know if you are going mad?”

 Gravitas is the game that gets people thinking and talking again. The award winning game is simple; there is no board, no tokens, and no dice. It is a game of questions and discoveries with no right or wrong answers.

“There are life questions and deeper philosophical questions,” says the creator Alan Gratias. “The game gives us permission to reveal ourselves by answering questions we have never been asked before.” For example, one card picked at random asks the following: How much is enough? What do you wish your mother understood about you? Who is riding in your sidecar? These questions and 426 others make up the inquisitive game of Gravitas. “It is better than a session with a shrink,” one enthusiast observed. But fair warning, as Jeanne Beker points out, “Gravitas is a strip tease of the mind and can be addictive.”

The rules are straightforward. The player with the birthday closest to the date of play asks the first question. The opening questioner selects any card and picks one of three questions. Each player answers that question. Then the questioner decides which player has the best answer and awards that person the card. The first person to win three cards in a short game, or five in a long game, is the winner or the ‘Gravitarg’ of the occasion.

Gravitas is the perfect dinner party addition and is gaining tremendous popularity with the new trend in ‘staycations’. More and more people are choosing to forgo their dinners out and vacations in favour of spending time with family and friends at home. It seems that staying in is the new going out- there is nothing better than Gravitas for a night off from technology to connect with real people in real time.

Gravitas is available in select boutiques in Toronto and Ontario and online for $39.95.

The Story of Gravitas:

‘Gravitas’ comes from the Latin word for substance or depth of personality. The original idea for the game came from Alan Gratias’ Millennium dinner party where he asked guests to bring items for a time capsule. The items for the capsule inspired great discussions with unexpected revelations and profound insights over the course of the evening. Gratias saw how the party had evolved into something more and the idea of the game of questions was born. Over the years, Gratias developed a database of questions that help people reveal how they feel, who they are, and what they have learned along the way. These profound, personal, and fun questions now make up the game of Gravitas.

About Gravitas:
Developed by Alan Gratias, Gravitas is the game of discovery – of who we are and how we have lived. By trading insights, wisdom, and savoir faire, Gravitas gets us thinking and talking again. The game consists of 143 cards with three questions per card- totaling 429 questions.

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